TOMCAT is among the best of the elite. What makes a man want to join the SBS, after having gone through the arduous rigors of specialized Royal Marine Commando Training? It is an overriding sense of pride  in the military way and an unshakable belief in himself and the Corps., plus the truth in freedom from oppression. This book explains the man and tells it how it was. TOMCAT is synonymous with audacity, action and adventure.

Andy Lane. Military Historian and Author.  


TOMCAT is the kind of man that all little boys dream of becoming. Although he does not take kindly to officious authority, his sense of duty to the Marine Corps, The Queen and his Country is phenomenal. The job comes first always and his 'military family' - The Royal Marines Commandos and the Special Boat Service are everything to him. 

TOMCAT is a Superior man and this is a Superior read; it would make a fabulous movie.

Andrew Roberts. Historian, Author and Journalist. 


Black Cat Publishing UK


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By Jay G on 19 July 2015

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

This book 'TOMCAT' was a good buy albeit slightly more than I would normally pay but as it was a first edition and hard back I took a chance.
From the first page to the last I was there in the book and taking part. There are not many books which do this.
As a former Royal Marine myself, many of the pictures brought back fond memories of my time.
It had pace and that's what I look for in any book. Well worth the money.


Enthralled from start to finish

By RICHARD GIVEN on 10 February 2015

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

The most true to life account I've read of people in this line of work. The narrative does not seek to glamorise or "promote" Tomcat and so makes the stories all the more compelling. Was particularly struck by the contrast between the daily mundane and the Operations. Highly recommended to get a sense of what it truly means to be in the Elite Armed Forces.

By Dan on 24 July 2015

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

Tomcat is one of the most stirring books I have ever read in my life. I am not a book worm but once I started to read it I just couldn't put it down. Its a great tribute to a man who joined the Royal Marines and risked his life for the benefit of others for many years. The book is full of facts not fiction. I hope this book is highly successful, it is a great credit to the man it portrays and it would make a great film!
Review left of behalf of Daniel P Stead (Age 82)

By Rajesh Chudasama on 19 Jan. 2015

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

I have discovered this fantastic book about an ex. Royal Marine Commando, who was a member of the elite SBS (UK Special Forces) It's called "TOMCAT". Don't miss out on a wonderful read. Loads of illustrations too.



By Andy on 27 Jan. 2015

Format: Hardcover

Mr. Mc Nab better watch out, knowing the author personally for many years, it was about time "Tomcat" put pen to paper, he's done it so well. A "must read"