TOMCAT is the code-name for this member of the UK Special Forces, who although retired from the corps, is still active in the world of security and anti-terrorism, in view of this he has to remain anonymous.


His story is completely true, as told to his biographer and starts with his early years as a young boy to set the scene and progress through various career moves, until he becomes one of Her Majesty's Royal Marine Commandos.


His postings have seen him travelling to many war-torn countries, from the Far East to three tours of Northern Ireland, plus a wide variety of other countries, some missions very covert.


He has the gift of laughter and has had many humorous adventures, eventually passing selection for the SBS (Special Boat Service), which is the more discreet relative of the SAS and taking part in heroic and dangerous operations. His life story contains a wealth of accurate detail regarding his specialized on-going training, without divulging any intimate secrets of tactics, procedures or techniques used. Other books on the subject do not cover these details.


The training itself is arduous and designed  to produce extremely fit fighting men, with the most important asset of all, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). There are many anecdotes throughout the narrative, to amuse the reader, in the seventeen chapters, 264 pages with 74 pages of photos and illustrations for everyone.


TOMCAT is an inspirational man and has achieved in his lifetime, what many wish that they had been able to have the nerve to do. 'ARMCHAIR COMMANDOS'.

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Copyright © Black Cat Publishing UK