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I am a writer of children's books and by complete contrast, also of war-based poetry. Injustice is my pet hate.

Four years ago I was introduced to this very inspirational man. His stories blew me away. Even then, because he was a member of UK Special Forces, he was known only by his code-name of TOMCAT or just TC.

His best friend Charles, also a member of UK Special Forces, became a good friend of mine and my business partner. Together, me as the author and Charles as the designer, we produced TOMCAT, the biography, from the myriad of memories and true stories they had to tell.

These reminiscences kept me so astonished and bewitched, that I knew I had to write his life-story. People should know what he and his fellow-heroes, (they are all heroes) actually go through, particularly in continuous intensive training, to simulate the real situations they could be exposed to. This training is awesome.

The only way that TC would agree to publish his story was with the proviso that I would promise never to reveal his true identity. This could endanger his family, as he is still semi-active within the dark shadowy world of personal close-protection and anti-terrorism.

There are two more books to follow on his fascinating and thrilling life, each one as intriguing as the first, TOMCAT. His service with HM Royal Marines Commandos and the SBS in particular have fitted him perfectly for his secretive world.

I am really looking forward to writing the next two books. I know that they will be very exciting. TOMCAT is an extraordinary man living in an under-cover extraordinary world.  

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