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​By S Domb.


There are two more books on this man's life which will be out late 2015/16, so if you like this first book called TOMCAT, you will love the next two.

Black Cat Publishing UK

Welcome to Black Cat, we are a self-publishing company just set up to publish and offer for sale our own books.

After three years of hard work putting together our first book, which is a biography of a very special man named TOMCAT, who served many years in HM Royal Marines Commandos and part of this time in the SBS.

The SBS are the Royal Navy's version of the Army SAS but SBS (Special Boat Service) deal mainly with water borne raiding parties as their American cousins, Navy Seals. The SBS are very much more discreet and known as the dark shadowy sister of the SAS. The SBS enter their objective by many means, whether by jumping from aircraft, helicopters, fast rope downs, canoeing, swimming under water having been launched from a submerged submarine or even yomping for miles across country.

This first book is about one man who at the moment can only be named by his code name TOMCAT or TC.

The book is a fascinating and gripping, sometime spine-chilling and in most places, very funny read. As one well-known critic predicted, it would make a 'fabulous movie'.